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Kitchen Extensions in Bolton

Loft and Garage Conversions | Can Our Services Increase Your Home’s Value?

Homeowners commit to home improvement and development projects for various reasons. For some, house extensions and garage conversions are the perfect way to make a great house a forever home. Others, however, invest in loft conversions and kitchen extensions with an eye on selling for a considerable profit in the future.

At C & L Brickwork & Construction, we work with Bolton property owners who fall into both camps. With additional expertise in block paving and hard landscaping, private homeowners and landlords with rental properties trust us for projects of every type and size.

Below, we have looked at how some of our services can help to increase your home’s market value. The figures quoted are by no means a guarantee, and only represent findings of numerous studies. Any change in your own property’s resale value depends on several factors, such as location and the ‘ceiling’ for house prices in your area.

Home Improvements and Property Value

House Extensions

No two extensions in Bolton are the same. Stunning kitchen extensions hold a different appeal when compared with a simple single-storey home office, for example. As such, it’s difficult to put a definitive figure on how much they increase market value.

Certain statistics give us some insight into what you might expect. According to research published by Nationwide, adding a double bedroom with en suite to an average 3-bedroom house increased value by as much as 23%. A standard double bedroom could add 12% while an extra bathroom had the potential to increase value by 6%.

Likewise, Zopa conducted a survey that discovered the average return on investment in house extensions was 71%, with an average profit of £14,000.

From single-storey kitchen extensions to double-storey additions, you can rely on us to deliver bespoke, valuable new space to your Bolton home. As block paving specialists, we can also improve the surrounding garden too.

Loft Conversions

Loft and garage conversions represent ideal ways to create new living space within your home’s existing structure. Much like house extensions, the final figure varies depending on property-specific qualities. Generally speaking, however, loft conversions can add between 10% to 20% to your property’s value. This is according to findings from Ideal Home.

Converting your loft can increase your home’s floorspace by as much as 30%. This is a significant figure, so it’s important to maximise its worth if you plan to sell. Successful loft conversions (as well as kitchen extensions or any other house extensions) immediately become an integral part of the home while blending seamlessly on an aesthetic level. We can further improve exterior appearance by adding block paving driveways, patios and paths.

As a result, popular options in and around Bolton include double bedrooms, en suite bedrooms and additional bathrooms.

Garage Conversions

Around 90% of household garages in the UK no longer hold a parked car. Rather, they become dark, dingy storage spaces for miscellaneous junk. If you have off-road parking, converting your garage into a habitable space can improve your lifestyle while increasing your home’s resale value. What’s more, we can transform that off-road parking into a stunning block paving driveway too.

As you might expect, garage conversions are no different to kitchen extensions, other house extensions and loft conversions – their ability to increase property value in Bolton depends on a range of factors.

However, converting a garage attached to your home into a double bedroom with en suite could increase value by as much as 20%.

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