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House Extensions

in Bolton and the Surrounding Areas | Single- and Double-Storey Property Additions

Does your house feel smaller and more cramped than when you first moved in? If you can never find the space you need, but you don’t want to move to a new property, house extensions provide the ideal solution. With more than 40 years of shared experience in bricklaying and building, the team at C & L Brickwork & Construction has a proven track record for completing extensions of every kind.

Based in Bolton, we cover all locations in our hometown as well as those in neighbouring areas like Wigan and Manchester.

Moving to a bigger home isn’t always a desirable prospect. You may need to leave a much-loved neighbourhood, breaking ties with the local community. If you have children, you might need to consider switching schools, or moving out of a good school’s catchment area.

You will also take on the responsibility of a larger mortgage, pay stamp duty and handle large moving costs.

However, if you adopt the ‘improve, don’t move’ mentality, you can channel the time, effort and funds associated with a big move into an extension. This means the money you do invest stays locked up in your property.

Specialists in All House Extensions

Our team has a reputation for building stunning extensions in and around the Bolton area. We have experience with all types of property addition, including:

  • Single-storey
  • Double-storey
  • Wraparound
  • Rear-facing
  • Side/Side Return
  • Over-structure

As brickwork specialists, we build structurally sound extensions with an impeccable finish. This ensures your addition blends seamlessly with the original property. We apply the same flawless workmanship standards to creating the internal room itself too, from kitchen extensions to extra bedrooms.

It’s important to work with a building company with demanding in-house expectations. Premium workmanship ensures your extension fully complies with all relevant building regulations. This means your project reaches completion on time and within budget, while meeting specified standards for performance and safety.

If you have an eye on selling your property in the future, house extensions with superior workmanship also help to maximise the return on your investment.

House Extensions and Permitted Development

As a homeowner, you have ‘permitted development’ rights. In short, this means you can extend your home in Bolton or the surrounding areas without the need to apply for prior approval. But this is only possible if your proposed extension meets certain limitations and conditions.

Of course, house extensions can exceed the permitted development criteria. In such cases, you will likely have to apply to your local authority for planning permission.

We can’t cover all the conditions and limitations for permitted developments on this page. However, key points include:

  • Extensions must not cover more than half the land surrounding the original house
  • Extensions must not exceed the highest point of the existing roof
  • Property additions cannot extend beyond the ‘principal elevation’
  • If fronting a highway, extensions must not reach beyond the ‘side elevation’

C & L Brickwork & Construction can help clarify whether or not your proposed extension will qualify as a permitted development.

We can also assist with other aspects of house extensions, such as the Party Wall Act, boiler and heating concerns, privacy considerations and much more.

Our company also provides a specialist service for loft conversions in Bolton and the neighbouring areas.

Call 07591 233 941 to take the first step toward one of our house extensions in Bolton or the surrounding areas.